Monday, 25 February 2013

When Love is Lost: A New Generation Of Warriors - Edge of Dawn

Edge of Dawn
Author: Lara Adrian

Publish Date: February 26, 2013

Mira a warrior with the Order, watches helplessly as her longtime friend and recent lover is killed in a fight with the rebels.  She swears vengeance on all rebels.  Never able to truly let go of her love or her grief.  She works her way up and becomes a captain of her own team but remains full of anger and regrets.

Bowman a Rebel leader with a secret.  Fighting as a rebel but still protecting both humans and breed.
A job gone wrong, brings the two together and forces them to face their past and the betrayal that stands between them.  Can they get past their differences and work together to save innocent lives.

Another fabulous story in this series by Lara Adrian.  It is full of suspense, action and of course the all important chemistry.  The characters are well written full of dark, mystery and intrigue.  You are able to revisit past members of the order glimpsing their current lives,it also gives you glimpses of the new generation of warriors that grace the order.

Bowman and Mira's story is a heartbreaking roller coaster ride of emotion; full of highs and lows, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next but also dreaded where the story was headed.  Bowman despite being the leader of a rebel faction has always retained his pride and his integrity only doing things to benefit others.  Mira is selfless in her love, steadfast and true.  I love the chemistry between the two of them they balance each other and make for a thrilling read.

It is a time of unrest within the world and the line between humans a breed is a fine one.  Lara tells a story that is intriguing and keeps you in suspense of what twists will happen next, a book I could not put down.

I look forward to reading more in this series and following through as younger members of the order come into their own.

I would recommend as a worthwhile read. You can read it as a standalone title but I would definitely recommend reading the series so you know the history of the order and the other members of the breed, not to mention how fabulous it is.

ARC given by Publisher for Honest review.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Loves Deadly Obsession

Die For Me
Author: Cynthia Eden

Publish Date: February 12 2013

Cynthia has done it again with another well written and intriguing book.

Katherine is a woman with a past shrouded in secret.  A woman just wanting to get on with her life and the ability to live without fear.

Dane is a Police Detective, not without secrets or a troubled past of his own.  They are thrown together by a current murder investigation, romance blossoms despite the danger they face.

Valentine, a man with an obsession, the one person he has truly loved but lost, is she now his next target?

I absolutely loved this story.  From the moment I read the first page I was hooked!  The plot is so enticing and realistic, I felt I was along for the ride on the investigation.

Katherine is such a strong person and just inherently good.  She is just one of those genuinely beautiful people; the sort of person you aspire to be like. 

Dane is dark, but believes wholeheartedly in justice and in doing what is right.  You have to like him for the integrity he shows.  He is tenacious in his search for the truth and in having the responsible person brought to justice.  He has a real protective streak towards Katherine which is shown again and again by his actions.  You just can't help but like him; he is one of those dark, mysterious types that women love!

Dane and Katherine together are pure sizzle.  Their connection is hot but believable.  They just seem to balance one another; she is the light to his dark.  You can't help but want them to find their happy ending.

The story was full of suspense, keeping you guessing as to what would happen next and who the next victim would be.  The supporting characters are strong and well written with a depth that lends credibility to the story.  I particularly liked Mac as he played the voice of objectivity, not willing to just believe blindly.

Overall Die For Me is a stunning read.  I look forward to reading what is up next by Cynthia Eden, her stories just get better and better.

ARC provided by publisher for honest review