Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Intense and Thrilling Read

Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior's Challenge Series)
Author: Natasza Waters

Thane is a man committed to his job and the men he works with.  He works hard and plays even harder.  A love them and leave them type guy.  Kayla is a woman with a terrible past and work is her salvation.  Hurt too many times, the last thing she is looking for is a man.  When they meet the tension is palpable with the attraction to each other.  Can they each overcome the obstacles and find love together?

Wow! This story totally blew me away.  it was fast paced and full of tension and keeps you hooked watching as the events unfold.  There is always just the right hint of the background stories throughout that you have to keep reading to learn more.  I love Kayla's character and couldn't help but empathise with her and be proud of her for all she has overcome in her lifetime.  She is such a sweet and caring personality despite the ugliness she has faced in life.  Thane is such a strong personality and one of those people you just want to lean on.  He has values and honour and his own rigid code he lives by.  Put them both together and despite their differences the sparks fly. 

I cannot wait for the continuation of their story in the next book due out in November.  This was the first time I have read Natasza Waters and I am enthralled with her writing and want to read so much more.  This is a truly good read and I would definitely recommend getting a copy today!

Book given by Publisher for honest review

A little more Ink for Love

Shattered Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Author: Laura Wright

This is a continuation of Rush and Addison's story introduced to us in First Ink, the first book in the Wicked Ink Chronicles.  Although Rush and Addison have decided to give love a go they still have to face the fears of a new relationship, "does he/she really like me? Am I what he/she needs?"  All those butterflies that a couple faces when they are first embarking on a relationship.  Can Addison and Rush make it through and have a lasting love to last the distance?

I fell in love with the characters that are Rush and Addison right from the very first pages of their story in First Ink and that love was just reaffirmed in Shattered Ink.  The story is so realistic and mirrors what your average person goes through when traversing the road of new love and commitment.  It encompasses all the highs and lows of emotion.  Once again being written in the first person only enhances the story and allows a true connection to the characters; you feel like you are in their heads and living everything and all that emotion with them.

Then there is the tease throughout that is Vincent and Lisa.  I so want more of these two and want to know of these two and want to see how their story will unfold.  There were just enough hints throughout Shattered Ink about them to have me craving more.

Once again Laura has delivered a well written story with characters that are both real and sexy.  I can't wait to read more from these chronicles.  Definitely a great read and I recommend picking up a copy you won't regret it.

Book given by publisher for Honest Review.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Magic and Mystery Thrilling Read

Evil Reflections
Author:  Larion Wills

Sara is a woman with a traumatic past but, is trying to move forward with her life.  David is a man who is hard to read.  Sara has a connection with him in her dreams but, can't help but recoil from human touch when awake.  David is called away for a family emergency and whilst he is there he apparently has an accident.  Sara receives a telegram from David's brother Avery.  When they meet he is cold and hostile towards her.  She can't understand why but, is immediately drawn to Avery.  The man and the town are shrouded in mystery, intrigue and death.  Can love find a way.

Where to start...Larion Wills is a new author for me but, one I will most definitely be reading more of.  Evil Reflections was a thrilling read right from the very first page.  There is so much mystery and intrigue that I found the pages just flew by.  I enjoyed Sara's character immensely and the way her mind worked.  I was truly moved by her strength and courage.  Both David and Avery were much harder to judge and just when I thought I had them figured out, something else would happen.  This is what made the story such an interesting read; it keeps you guessing as to what the real plot was and who was innocent or guilty.  The chemistry between the characters was steamy. 

I could definitely read more. I was torn between wanting to get to the end so I would know what happened and dreading the ending because it would mean the story was over and I enjoyed it so much.  Evil Reflections is one I definitely would recommend reading.

Book given by publisher for honest review.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Montana Loving

In the Arms Of Danger (Montana Men 1)
Jayden Chelcee
Danger is a Sheriff with a crime to solve; someone is killing in his town.  Lacey is a woman used to being reliant on only herself.  Disillusioned with love can she put her trust in a sheriff who could be the very person hunting her.
This was a story that kept me enrapt with the volley of word play and wit between the characters.  Not to mention waiting with bated breath on the sexual tension between the two.  Lacey's character is very proud but at the same time there is a crack in that tough exterior and a lonely woman in need of love underneath.  She has an internal struggle with herself...can she trust again and let someone look after her?
Danger is a character that is a bit more difficult to pin down.  Also disillusioned by love but, not through personal experience of a relationship.  He also has a struggle with letting people close.  He is a protector...will he let his guard down enough to let Lacey in to his heart?
I really loved this story and the history of movies and Native American figures that you glean through the hero and heroine's word play.  The characters are a mix of strength and vulnerability.  They are realistically written and the depth gives you a clear picture of who they are. My attention was immediately captured and held throughout.  I definitely look forward to more in this series.

Book given by Publisher for Honest Review

Sunday, 6 October 2013

An Ink for Love

First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Author:  Laura Wright

Addison and Rush have a history, a history that still affects each of them.  Can they overcome their pasts and give their future a chance.

Oh my goodness, I loved, loved, loved this story.  I couldn't put it down and if I could give it more than five stars I would!  From the first page until the last my attention was completely rapt on the story that is Rush and Addison.  I was unsure of how it would turn out when written in the first person but, it was absolutely perfect, giving you a greater insight into both Rush and Addison's characters and making you feel as if you truly know them. 

The story is well written and keeps you turning pages with bated breath to see what each one will do or think next. The chemistry and sex between them is scorching.  I am so glad this is a first book in the chronicles as I am desperate for more that is Rush and Addison.

Definitely a read you don't want to miss!

ARC given by Publisher for Honest review.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Weekend of Bliss For a Lifetime of Love

Weekend Surrender
Author:  Lori King

Rachael is a woman who doesn't have much luck with relationships or love.  Hurt and betrayed by so many she has finally given up.  The Brooks brothers have watched Rachael for years, biding their time until they can make their play for the woman who will complete them.  The hard part will be proving to her that they won't let her down and she can trust in their love.

They embark on a steamy weekend of love.  The sex is hot.  Four brothers to one woman means there is plenty of loving to go around and lots of men to lean on and arms to find herself wrapped in.

I absolutely loved this story.  As usual Lori never fails to deliver a strong story with believable characters you can't help but fall in love with.  An excellent start to this new trilogy, I can't wait for the next instalment and I would recommend reading to anyone who enjoys hot men with a heroine in need of love.

Love from The Sky

Fated Mates
Author: Marie Rose Dufour

Dragon a military man and hero to his people, fears the Goddess has forgotten him and he is destined to a life of service alone.  Liz is a human female who has survived an abusive marriage by finding the strength to leave but, is now afraid to embrace another chance at love.  The attraction of trying to find a Fated Mate.  Can Liz take another leap at love?  Can Dragon truly believe he deserves a mate of his own?

This is a feel good story with the added bonus of sizzling sex!  Liz is a strong character who you have to love her will to survive and her strength at leaving a relationship that was detrimental to her. I found myself wanting to encourage her to give in and take a chance as she struggled with herself to take another gamble on love.  Dragon is also a strong character but endearing in his doubt of his appeal for a mate.

I really enjoyed this read.  There are a few spelling errors but they do not detract from the story.  If you are looking for an easy short read with a HEA then this book is for you.

Book given by Publisher for Honest review