Saturday, 12 October 2013

Montana Loving

In the Arms Of Danger (Montana Men 1)
Jayden Chelcee
Danger is a Sheriff with a crime to solve; someone is killing in his town.  Lacey is a woman used to being reliant on only herself.  Disillusioned with love can she put her trust in a sheriff who could be the very person hunting her.
This was a story that kept me enrapt with the volley of word play and wit between the characters.  Not to mention waiting with bated breath on the sexual tension between the two.  Lacey's character is very proud but at the same time there is a crack in that tough exterior and a lonely woman in need of love underneath.  She has an internal struggle with herself...can she trust again and let someone look after her?
Danger is a character that is a bit more difficult to pin down.  Also disillusioned by love but, not through personal experience of a relationship.  He also has a struggle with letting people close.  He is a protector...will he let his guard down enough to let Lacey in to his heart?
I really loved this story and the history of movies and Native American figures that you glean through the hero and heroine's word play.  The characters are a mix of strength and vulnerability.  They are realistically written and the depth gives you a clear picture of who they are. My attention was immediately captured and held throughout.  I definitely look forward to more in this series.

Book given by Publisher for Honest Review

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