Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Intense and Thrilling Read

Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior's Challenge Series)
Author: Natasza Waters

Thane is a man committed to his job and the men he works with.  He works hard and plays even harder.  A love them and leave them type guy.  Kayla is a woman with a terrible past and work is her salvation.  Hurt too many times, the last thing she is looking for is a man.  When they meet the tension is palpable with the attraction to each other.  Can they each overcome the obstacles and find love together?

Wow! This story totally blew me away.  it was fast paced and full of tension and keeps you hooked watching as the events unfold.  There is always just the right hint of the background stories throughout that you have to keep reading to learn more.  I love Kayla's character and couldn't help but empathise with her and be proud of her for all she has overcome in her lifetime.  She is such a sweet and caring personality despite the ugliness she has faced in life.  Thane is such a strong personality and one of those people you just want to lean on.  He has values and honour and his own rigid code he lives by.  Put them both together and despite their differences the sparks fly. 

I cannot wait for the continuation of their story in the next book due out in November.  This was the first time I have read Natasza Waters and I am enthralled with her writing and want to read so much more.  This is a truly good read and I would definitely recommend getting a copy today!

Book given by Publisher for honest review

A little more Ink for Love

Shattered Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Author: Laura Wright

This is a continuation of Rush and Addison's story introduced to us in First Ink, the first book in the Wicked Ink Chronicles.  Although Rush and Addison have decided to give love a go they still have to face the fears of a new relationship, "does he/she really like me? Am I what he/she needs?"  All those butterflies that a couple faces when they are first embarking on a relationship.  Can Addison and Rush make it through and have a lasting love to last the distance?

I fell in love with the characters that are Rush and Addison right from the very first pages of their story in First Ink and that love was just reaffirmed in Shattered Ink.  The story is so realistic and mirrors what your average person goes through when traversing the road of new love and commitment.  It encompasses all the highs and lows of emotion.  Once again being written in the first person only enhances the story and allows a true connection to the characters; you feel like you are in their heads and living everything and all that emotion with them.

Then there is the tease throughout that is Vincent and Lisa.  I so want more of these two and want to know of these two and want to see how their story will unfold.  There were just enough hints throughout Shattered Ink about them to have me craving more.

Once again Laura has delivered a well written story with characters that are both real and sexy.  I can't wait to read more from these chronicles.  Definitely a great read and I recommend picking up a copy you won't regret it.

Book given by publisher for Honest Review.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Magic and Mystery Thrilling Read

Evil Reflections
Author:  Larion Wills

Sara is a woman with a traumatic past but, is trying to move forward with her life.  David is a man who is hard to read.  Sara has a connection with him in her dreams but, can't help but recoil from human touch when awake.  David is called away for a family emergency and whilst he is there he apparently has an accident.  Sara receives a telegram from David's brother Avery.  When they meet he is cold and hostile towards her.  She can't understand why but, is immediately drawn to Avery.  The man and the town are shrouded in mystery, intrigue and death.  Can love find a way.

Where to start...Larion Wills is a new author for me but, one I will most definitely be reading more of.  Evil Reflections was a thrilling read right from the very first page.  There is so much mystery and intrigue that I found the pages just flew by.  I enjoyed Sara's character immensely and the way her mind worked.  I was truly moved by her strength and courage.  Both David and Avery were much harder to judge and just when I thought I had them figured out, something else would happen.  This is what made the story such an interesting read; it keeps you guessing as to what the real plot was and who was innocent or guilty.  The chemistry between the characters was steamy. 

I could definitely read more. I was torn between wanting to get to the end so I would know what happened and dreading the ending because it would mean the story was over and I enjoyed it so much.  Evil Reflections is one I definitely would recommend reading.

Book given by publisher for honest review.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Montana Loving

In the Arms Of Danger (Montana Men 1)
Jayden Chelcee
Danger is a Sheriff with a crime to solve; someone is killing in his town.  Lacey is a woman used to being reliant on only herself.  Disillusioned with love can she put her trust in a sheriff who could be the very person hunting her.
This was a story that kept me enrapt with the volley of word play and wit between the characters.  Not to mention waiting with bated breath on the sexual tension between the two.  Lacey's character is very proud but at the same time there is a crack in that tough exterior and a lonely woman in need of love underneath.  She has an internal struggle with herself...can she trust again and let someone look after her?
Danger is a character that is a bit more difficult to pin down.  Also disillusioned by love but, not through personal experience of a relationship.  He also has a struggle with letting people close.  He is a protector...will he let his guard down enough to let Lacey in to his heart?
I really loved this story and the history of movies and Native American figures that you glean through the hero and heroine's word play.  The characters are a mix of strength and vulnerability.  They are realistically written and the depth gives you a clear picture of who they are. My attention was immediately captured and held throughout.  I definitely look forward to more in this series.

Book given by Publisher for Honest Review

Sunday, 6 October 2013

An Ink for Love

First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Author:  Laura Wright

Addison and Rush have a history, a history that still affects each of them.  Can they overcome their pasts and give their future a chance.

Oh my goodness, I loved, loved, loved this story.  I couldn't put it down and if I could give it more than five stars I would!  From the first page until the last my attention was completely rapt on the story that is Rush and Addison.  I was unsure of how it would turn out when written in the first person but, it was absolutely perfect, giving you a greater insight into both Rush and Addison's characters and making you feel as if you truly know them. 

The story is well written and keeps you turning pages with bated breath to see what each one will do or think next. The chemistry and sex between them is scorching.  I am so glad this is a first book in the chronicles as I am desperate for more that is Rush and Addison.

Definitely a read you don't want to miss!

ARC given by Publisher for Honest review.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Weekend of Bliss For a Lifetime of Love

Weekend Surrender
Author:  Lori King

Rachael is a woman who doesn't have much luck with relationships or love.  Hurt and betrayed by so many she has finally given up.  The Brooks brothers have watched Rachael for years, biding their time until they can make their play for the woman who will complete them.  The hard part will be proving to her that they won't let her down and she can trust in their love.

They embark on a steamy weekend of love.  The sex is hot.  Four brothers to one woman means there is plenty of loving to go around and lots of men to lean on and arms to find herself wrapped in.

I absolutely loved this story.  As usual Lori never fails to deliver a strong story with believable characters you can't help but fall in love with.  An excellent start to this new trilogy, I can't wait for the next instalment and I would recommend reading to anyone who enjoys hot men with a heroine in need of love.

Love from The Sky

Fated Mates
Author: Marie Rose Dufour

Dragon a military man and hero to his people, fears the Goddess has forgotten him and he is destined to a life of service alone.  Liz is a human female who has survived an abusive marriage by finding the strength to leave but, is now afraid to embrace another chance at love.  The attraction of trying to find a Fated Mate.  Can Liz take another leap at love?  Can Dragon truly believe he deserves a mate of his own?

This is a feel good story with the added bonus of sizzling sex!  Liz is a strong character who you have to love her will to survive and her strength at leaving a relationship that was detrimental to her. I found myself wanting to encourage her to give in and take a chance as she struggled with herself to take another gamble on love.  Dragon is also a strong character but endearing in his doubt of his appeal for a mate.

I really enjoyed this read.  There are a few spelling errors but they do not detract from the story.  If you are looking for an easy short read with a HEA then this book is for you.

Book given by Publisher for Honest review

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Learning to Fly Through Pain


Dark Desire
Author: Desiree Holt

Risa Channing is a submissive wanting to push her limits and explore the world of BDSM further.  She is tired of inexperienced Dom's' and feeling like there is more she is missing.   She wants an experienced Dom to teach her how to fly in a safe environment. Master J is a Dominant without a submissive of his own, given one night to help Risa expand her limits and experiences.

A spark of desire between them both.  Can they put aside their own fears and find love together?

A soundly written and developed storyline keeps you hanging on for more.  The characters are well defined and realistic.  You are drawn in to both Risa's vulnerability as a submissive and Master J's strength as a Dominant but also his own vulnerability in letting himself hope for something more.

The chemistry between the two grabs you from the beginning and pulls you along for the ride.  The sex is hot.  Once again Desiree Holt has me wanting to read more and my only complaint would be that I wish the story had been longer.

Definitely worth a read.  Go and get your copy now.

Book given by publisher for honest review

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum)
Author: Rosalie Lario

Taeg a half demon fairly new to the earth realm.  Desperate to save Brynn, his sister in law out of guilt at his perceived wrong to his brother.  Maya a human, librarian with a rare ability to see Demons whom she considers to be the lowliest of creatures only capable of death and destruction.  They meet when Taeg discovers the little human is not all that meets the eye she holds the ability to see through their charms and it is an ability he desperately needs in his quest to save his sister in law.  Shame for him that Maya doesn't see eye to eye with him.  Can he convince her there is more to demons than the opinion she holds, will they be able to save Brynn before its too late.

I loved this story, Rosalie succeeded in grabbing my attention right from the very first pages and I couldn't put it down.  Taeg's sense of humor is delightful and you can't help but love his mischievous nature.  Maya is such a strong character who has been through so much for her young years but she has a backbone of steel, facing down demons twice her size without even flinching.  You can't help but be sympathetic to her and her mistrust of anything otherworldly.  

The characters were all well written and realistic and you were transported along with them on their adventures.  The chemistry between Taeg and Maya was hot but realistic in Maya's feelings of shame and her sense that she would be betraying her family to give in.  I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two, Maya's prickliness giving it a spark that made their encounters that much more delicious.

It is a definite worthwhile read.  Giving a whole new spin on Demons.  Well written and intriguing with a powerful love story.  I look forward to reading more by Rosalie Losario.

ARC given by Publisher for honest review

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Time of Lairds and Lasses

Highlander Most Wanted
Author: Maya Banks

It was the time of Lairds and Lasses where Lasses were still meant to be under the protection of their clans and treated with love and adoration.  Not so for Genevieve McInnes, kept captive by a Laird McHughe's cruel son, abused and used at whim.  Desperate for a way to be free.  The Montgomery's out for blood and retribution for the wrong doings of Laird Graeme Montgomery's wife Eveline.  Bowen Montgomery sent to be new Laird of the McHugh keep, is intrigued by Genevieve and bewildered at the same time.  The attraction flares between the two.  Can Genevieve learn to trust again, will their love survive.

A wonderful story that captured my attention right from the very first moment and kept it throughout.  I could not put the book down, needing to find out if love would win.  I loved Genevieve's spirit and show of strength even after all she had endured at the hands of a cruel man and even crueler clan.  It is just one of those feel good stories where the spirit triumphs despite the hand that is dealt.  I was drawn to Bowen's character and was so impressed with his patience and caring. It made the story so real to see his internal struggles to remain gentle and caring despite the passion he felt for Genevieve.

You feel for Genevieve and champion her despite the plot twists!  That she comes out the other side of the abuse with her honesty and values still intact yet still faces the emotions that go with having suffered any form of abuse are what make the story so realistic and believable.

Maya Banks books and stories never fail to enthrall me and whisk me away whether to the highlands of Scotland or a jungle of South America I will never get enough! A thoroughly awesome read!  Grab your copy today.

ARC given by Publisher for honest review.

Fighting Against the Inevitable....Love

Free Fall
Author: Catherine Mann

Publish Date: March 1 2013

Fighting against the inevitable love!

Catherine Mann has written another intriguing story with solid characters.

Stella Carson is an Interpol agent with a personal agenda for her current mission in Africa.  She rescues Pararescuman Jose James and the sparks fly between them they have a brief but hot affair.  Jose has a complicated family history.  Stella wants more but, they cannot compromise and their affair burns out.  When Stella's life is in jeopardy their is only one man who can save her; Jose.  Once again the love burns between them but will love be enough to hold their relationship together.   

They both have jobs to complete and need to remain focused on the job at hand.  Love is complicated at the best of times but throw in the fate of the world and it becomes downright difficult.

I enjoyed this book but, found myself frustrated with Jose and Stella occasionally which made it a bit more of a challenging read for me and took me longer to read the full story.  Sometimes I just wanted to yell at them both and say, "come on, get your stuff together!"  It is the sign of a well written story that gets your emotions roiling and involved.  Overall the characters are well written and the supporting characters are strong.  I love the setting and the detail that goes into describing their dates or adventures, it makes you feel as if you are there seeing what they see.

Catherine Mann never fails to deliver with her stories, they make for a thrilling and enjoyable read.  I look forward to reading what's up next.

ARC given by publisher for honest review.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Book Blogger Follow for 18 and Over Books

Question of the Week: What are your top favorite reads for the month of February? If you've reviewed them, make sure to link it up so others can check them out!

My top favorite reads for February have to be Cynthia Eden's, Die For Me:
Blurb:  She thought her fiancĂ© was the perfect man—until he turned out to be the perfect killer…
Katherine Cole is running for her life, desperate to escape the Valentine Killer—so-called because he stabs his victims through the heart and leaves them holding a telltale single red rose. Still he tracks her to New Orleans and begins carving a bloody path to her door. But this time, Katherine refuses to run any farther. This time, she’ll do anything to stop the madman she once loved, even trust the sexy cop promising to keep her safe…
Detective Dane Black never lets his emotions interfere with his job, even as the Valentine Killer surfaces in New Orleans to stalk his prey. But when Dane agrees to protect the killer’s ex-fiancĂ©e, Katherine Cole, he can’t ignore the passion kindling between them. After a single unforgettable night binds them body and soul, Dane knows he won’t rest until Katherine is safe in his arms—and the Valentine Killer is dead. Dark and intensely sexy, this romantic suspense novel from USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Eden is sure to leave readers breathless. See my review here:

 Lara Adrian's Edge of Dawn: Blurb: 
Twenty years after First Dawn - the morning that followed a blood-soaked night where Mankind learned that vampires lived among them - wars and skirmishes continue. Peace between humans and the Breed seems elusive, but the Order and their allies will not rest until it is won. For Mira, raised with the Order from the time she was a child and now the formidable captain of her own team of warriors, the fight is personal. War with mankind has cost her a great deal - the life of someone she loved dearly.

Vowed to avenge his death, Mira blazes into every battle like a Valkyrie - until an unexpected encounter with a rebel leader brings her face-to-face with a startling truth, and a betrayal that will cut through her every defence... straight to the core of the wounded woman whose faith has never been more tested, nor her heart more deeply torn.  See my review here:
I absolutely enjoyed both of these reads, full of suspense, intrigue and chemistry, well worth a read!

Monday, 25 February 2013

When Love is Lost: A New Generation Of Warriors - Edge of Dawn

Edge of Dawn
Author: Lara Adrian

Publish Date: February 26, 2013

Mira a warrior with the Order, watches helplessly as her longtime friend and recent lover is killed in a fight with the rebels.  She swears vengeance on all rebels.  Never able to truly let go of her love or her grief.  She works her way up and becomes a captain of her own team but remains full of anger and regrets.

Bowman a Rebel leader with a secret.  Fighting as a rebel but still protecting both humans and breed.
A job gone wrong, brings the two together and forces them to face their past and the betrayal that stands between them.  Can they get past their differences and work together to save innocent lives.

Another fabulous story in this series by Lara Adrian.  It is full of suspense, action and of course the all important chemistry.  The characters are well written full of dark, mystery and intrigue.  You are able to revisit past members of the order glimpsing their current lives,it also gives you glimpses of the new generation of warriors that grace the order.

Bowman and Mira's story is a heartbreaking roller coaster ride of emotion; full of highs and lows, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next but also dreaded where the story was headed.  Bowman despite being the leader of a rebel faction has always retained his pride and his integrity only doing things to benefit others.  Mira is selfless in her love, steadfast and true.  I love the chemistry between the two of them they balance each other and make for a thrilling read.

It is a time of unrest within the world and the line between humans a breed is a fine one.  Lara tells a story that is intriguing and keeps you in suspense of what twists will happen next, a book I could not put down.

I look forward to reading more in this series and following through as younger members of the order come into their own.

I would recommend as a worthwhile read. You can read it as a standalone title but I would definitely recommend reading the series so you know the history of the order and the other members of the breed, not to mention how fabulous it is.

ARC given by Publisher for Honest review.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Loves Deadly Obsession

Die For Me
Author: Cynthia Eden

Publish Date: February 12 2013

Cynthia has done it again with another well written and intriguing book.

Katherine is a woman with a past shrouded in secret.  A woman just wanting to get on with her life and the ability to live without fear.

Dane is a Police Detective, not without secrets or a troubled past of his own.  They are thrown together by a current murder investigation, romance blossoms despite the danger they face.

Valentine, a man with an obsession, the one person he has truly loved but lost, is she now his next target?

I absolutely loved this story.  From the moment I read the first page I was hooked!  The plot is so enticing and realistic, I felt I was along for the ride on the investigation.

Katherine is such a strong person and just inherently good.  She is just one of those genuinely beautiful people; the sort of person you aspire to be like. 

Dane is dark, but believes wholeheartedly in justice and in doing what is right.  You have to like him for the integrity he shows.  He is tenacious in his search for the truth and in having the responsible person brought to justice.  He has a real protective streak towards Katherine which is shown again and again by his actions.  You just can't help but like him; he is one of those dark, mysterious types that women love!

Dane and Katherine together are pure sizzle.  Their connection is hot but believable.  They just seem to balance one another; she is the light to his dark.  You can't help but want them to find their happy ending.

The story was full of suspense, keeping you guessing as to what would happen next and who the next victim would be.  The supporting characters are strong and well written with a depth that lends credibility to the story.  I particularly liked Mac as he played the voice of objectivity, not willing to just believe blindly.

Overall Die For Me is a stunning read.  I look forward to reading what is up next by Cynthia Eden, her stories just get better and better.

ARC provided by publisher for honest review

Monday, 28 January 2013

When Destiny Comes Calling

Bayou Heat: Raphael/Parish
Authors:  Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

The Pantera are Puma Shifters, a mystical race shrouded in legend and living in the swamps of the Bayou.

Book 1 Rapaheal by Alendra Ivy
  Raphael a 'suit', looking after diplomatic relations for his people.  Ashe a woman with a difficult and unpleasant family life; the one left to look after a drunk mother, and made to forgo a childhood.  A chance encounter that leads to a night of bliss.  A bliss only remembered in dream like fragments by Ashe.  Raphael's cat wanting to claim it's mate and protect her from the unknown hunter that stalks her.  Can Raphael convince Ashe that they are destined to be together, can he protect her from the unknown danger?
I enjoyed this story, I love the fact that Raphael, known for his control is so shaken and out of control when he meets his mate. "Raphael battled through the primal instincts that had nothing to do with humanity and everything to do with raw animal desire."  His need to protect is so strong and makes you dream of having all that protection aimed at you.
  Ashe on the other hand is cautious, not overly trusting, which isn't a surprise considering her background.  However, it is that background that portrays such strength in her character.  I love her independence and skepticism that all is not as it seems.
  Then there are the Hunters, an unknown evil faction with a foul smell about them.  I would have liked to learn a bit more about them, but it draws you in so that you want to read more to find out who they are.  I was slightly disappointed when the story ended, I was left wanting to know more.  But, luckily the story continues and connects with the next installment.  It ensures I will need to carry on reading to get those answers I seek.

Book 2 Parish by Laura Wright
  Parish a hunter and protector of his people; fierce in that protection and known for his dislike of humans.  Julia a doctor, specializing in obstetrics, at the top of her field in practice but, disillusioned by love.  She is a necessity to the Pantera people but, a human, an outsider.  Can they each see past the events that have shaped them and warped their views, allowing them to discover the love that awaits as their destiny?
  Parish was a favorite for me, I love his untamed rawness that shines through.  Although he portrays a roughness on the outside, he is very caring and loyal to his people and to those he loves.  That caring and love is now directed at an unsuspecting Julia.
  Julia is sensible and pragmatic, completely disillusioned by the cad that is her ex and forced to leave a job she loves.  When she meets Parish the attraction is immediate if not unwanted.  "I like the way you look at me," he said, his voice a dark sexual rumble. "For once, I am the prey."
  I love the chemistry between the two, that ultimately balances both, and I love that Parish just thinks he command and everyone will follow, Julia included.  "I am a Hunter.  I do not ask.  When you ask, you give your prey the opportunity to say no."
  Whilst the story predominantly surrounds Parish and Julia, you also get a continuation of Raphael and Ashe and the danger that stalks them all.
  Overall I really enjoyed this complete book and recommend as a great read.  I am looking forward to the next installment, which of course I will read to get my answers.


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Feature and Follow Blog Hop

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by both Alison Can Read and Parajunkee’s View
It is a great way to gain new Followers and Meet new friends.

Q: What is the last book that kept you up late into the night to finish it?     

That was only two nights ago and it was Shades of Gray by Maya Banks, it is the 6th book in her KGI series.  I just couldn't put it down until I had finished it.  I love the KGI series and had been waiting to read the story of PJ and Cole.  See my full review here:
In The Name of Vengeance

Do you have a book that kept you up late? 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Conquering Love Through Adversity

 Their Virgin Princess, Masters of Menage, Book 4
Authors:  Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

A princess in need of protection and three men are tasked with the job.  Chemistry sparks between them but, is simultaneously ignored by all for different reasons.  Can they overcome their insecurities and embrace loves kiss?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, once I started reading I couldn't put it down.  It was fast paced and kept your interest.  The sex was hot but believable as they took into account Alea's past history. Dane, Cooper, and Landon were well written and intriguing, each with traits that endear them to you. They are all so patient and understanding, the perfect compliments to Alea.

Alea's character makes you see how strong she actually is in the face of the adversity she has had to overcome.  I found myself silently encouraging her to be more confident in herself.  I really felt for all she had been through and yet she has this wonderful kind heart that still shines through.

The plot had great twists which kept you guessing.  it made you wonder who the true villain was. I found myself vying between wanting to get to the end of the story where all would be revealed, to not wanting it to end as I was enjoying it so much.

Overall an awesome read and I would recommend you add it to your "To Be Read" pile.

In The Name of Vengeance

Shades of Gray: A KGI Novel
Author: Maya Banks

A close knit team used to running high risk missions together. A budding romance between two members. A mission that goes terribly wrong. The need for vengeance to the exclusion of all others. Can they get through this? Will the Team remain intact? Can love truly overcome all?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I applaud Maya Banks for tackling such a difficult and taboo subject matter. It is totally believable and plausible as something that would happen in a real life situation.

PJ's character is well written and so realistic in her emotions and thought processes that I felt my own emotions on a roller coaster ride with her. She is such a strong character but believable as her situation proves that even the toughest aren't infallible. I really empathized with Cole and his fight for love whilst dealing with his own emotions and guilt. The tell of a good story is when your own emotions are swept along with the tide of the story, and Shades of Gray does not disappoint. I found myself so entrenched in the story that I was actually getting angry at the Villain Brumley, who as villains go was quite well written.

Steele, Dolphin, Baker and Renshaw are steadfast in their support and they take their “We live as a team, we die as a team” seriously and it endears you to them to see their solidarity with their team mate.

I could not put the book down, I needed to see the outcome and find out if there could be a happily ever after.

In all the KGI novels, Steele's team and PJ and Cole in particular is a story I have been waiting for and it was most definitely worth the wait. I would recommend this and all the others in the KGI series as definite must reads.

A Fairy tale With An Erotic Twist

Hansel and Gretel with The Sexual Hunter
Adult Fairy Tale Erotica

Author: Liz Adams

A Fairy tale with an Erotic twist, this one is not to be missed. A Man; a candy maker, and a woman; a professional model, desperately in love with one another. A love complicated by two very opposing families, who don't want to see this match.

Another woman with a mission, longing for love and belonging. What will be the outcome? Can Love really conquer all?

I really enjoyed this story, mind I love Hansel and Gretel; steaming it up only makes it better. I found the characters to be intriguing and wanted to read more so I could see what they were thinking to make the decisions they did and to pursue love through the obstacles in front of them. The sex scenes were hot, the chemistry sizzled. It kinda makes you want to get into the candy business.

The story moves along, keeping you turning pages wanting to see what happens next. A definite must read for those who like Fairy tales that are hot!!

ARC provided by Author for honest review

Saturday, 19 January 2013

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

When Destiny Is Chosen For You

Legacy of The Wolf
Author:  Lori King
A school teacher with a tragic past who has overcome insurmountable odds against an illness and has suffered great heartache as a result.  She is unwilling to risk her heart on love again.
Two men, brothers, with a big secret, looking for their one true mate as destined to them by the fates. One a romantic and one a bit of a playboy, they are the balance to each other.
A chance meeting in a kindergarten, sparks immediately fly, the dance of love begins.  Not all of them wish to have their lives dictated by fate…are they ready to settle, can they overcome their fears and answer destiny’s call.  These are the questions that arise in your mind as you are drawn in to the story.
I truly love this story and the characters.  The plot and feelings that Shandi, Ryley and Rafe go through are totally believable and what you would expect under the circumstances.
The chemistry between all three is electric and keeps you wanting more.  The love scenes are super hot and well written.
You get drawn in to the story and the family of the Pack and can’t help but want to read more.  Lori is an outstanding writer and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the pack stories in this series will develop.  I cannot wait for the next book and recommend Legacy of the Wolf as a must read.

Legacy of the Wolf (MFM)
Legacy of the Wolf (MFM) - The Gray Pack 3
Lori King

A Game of Light and Dark

A Sinister Game
Author: Heather Killough-Walden
The fate of the world relies on the continuous playing of a game…or does it?
The games are played by good and bad, light and dark, they  are what keep the world turning.
Two powerful leaders…Victor Black, the Gray Leader; no one on the field is older.  Victoria Red; the Red leader much younger, just coming into her own.
A private wager is set the stakes are high…who will win?  The Chemistry between Victor and Victoria is electric, they are both powerful personalities brought to life through amazing written word.  You are drawn along with the story wanting to know what happens next and who will succeed. There is an element of suspense which is intriguing and keeps you turning the pages to find out what will happen next and at times dreading that it won’t be the outcome you are hoping for.
I became so involved in the story I found it hard not to pick sides, of course who doesn’t want love to succeed.  Not only the love between a man and a woman but the love between a family.
This is a book well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a book that has a little bit of something for everyone, action, suspense, intrigue and of course romance.  What’s not to love.

Copy Provided by Author for honest review

Take A Smooth Ride To Love In Purgatory

The Phantom King: (The Kings)
Author: Heather Killough-Walden
Paranormal Romance, Vampires
The Phantom King is the second installment in the series The Kings, (a spinoff of the Big Bad Wolf Series) by Heather Killough-Walden.
It is the story of Thanatos, the Phantom King and his unwitting Queen: a warlock named Siobhan who has never used her magic to harm others, a rarity amongst warlocks.
The series just gets better and better drawing you in to the many lives of the 13 Kings of the supernatural world.
The story is well written, the characters well defined and easy to follow even if you haven’t read the previous books.
It leaves the reader wanting to come back for more and waiting to delve into the lives of the other Kings and their Queens.

Copy provided by Author for honest review