Sunday, 29 September 2013

Learning to Fly Through Pain


Dark Desire
Author: Desiree Holt

Risa Channing is a submissive wanting to push her limits and explore the world of BDSM further.  She is tired of inexperienced Dom's' and feeling like there is more she is missing.   She wants an experienced Dom to teach her how to fly in a safe environment. Master J is a Dominant without a submissive of his own, given one night to help Risa expand her limits and experiences.

A spark of desire between them both.  Can they put aside their own fears and find love together?

A soundly written and developed storyline keeps you hanging on for more.  The characters are well defined and realistic.  You are drawn in to both Risa's vulnerability as a submissive and Master J's strength as a Dominant but also his own vulnerability in letting himself hope for something more.

The chemistry between the two grabs you from the beginning and pulls you along for the ride.  The sex is hot.  Once again Desiree Holt has me wanting to read more and my only complaint would be that I wish the story had been longer.

Definitely worth a read.  Go and get your copy now.

Book given by publisher for honest review

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