Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum)
Author: Rosalie Lario

Taeg a half demon fairly new to the earth realm.  Desperate to save Brynn, his sister in law out of guilt at his perceived wrong to his brother.  Maya a human, librarian with a rare ability to see Demons whom she considers to be the lowliest of creatures only capable of death and destruction.  They meet when Taeg discovers the little human is not all that meets the eye she holds the ability to see through their charms and it is an ability he desperately needs in his quest to save his sister in law.  Shame for him that Maya doesn't see eye to eye with him.  Can he convince her there is more to demons than the opinion she holds, will they be able to save Brynn before its too late.

I loved this story, Rosalie succeeded in grabbing my attention right from the very first pages and I couldn't put it down.  Taeg's sense of humor is delightful and you can't help but love his mischievous nature.  Maya is such a strong character who has been through so much for her young years but she has a backbone of steel, facing down demons twice her size without even flinching.  You can't help but be sympathetic to her and her mistrust of anything otherworldly.  

The characters were all well written and realistic and you were transported along with them on their adventures.  The chemistry between Taeg and Maya was hot but realistic in Maya's feelings of shame and her sense that she would be betraying her family to give in.  I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two, Maya's prickliness giving it a spark that made their encounters that much more delicious.

It is a definite worthwhile read.  Giving a whole new spin on Demons.  Well written and intriguing with a powerful love story.  I look forward to reading more by Rosalie Losario.

ARC given by Publisher for honest review

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