Monday, 1 April 2013

Fighting Against the Inevitable....Love

Free Fall
Author: Catherine Mann

Publish Date: March 1 2013

Fighting against the inevitable love!

Catherine Mann has written another intriguing story with solid characters.

Stella Carson is an Interpol agent with a personal agenda for her current mission in Africa.  She rescues Pararescuman Jose James and the sparks fly between them they have a brief but hot affair.  Jose has a complicated family history.  Stella wants more but, they cannot compromise and their affair burns out.  When Stella's life is in jeopardy their is only one man who can save her; Jose.  Once again the love burns between them but will love be enough to hold their relationship together.   

They both have jobs to complete and need to remain focused on the job at hand.  Love is complicated at the best of times but throw in the fate of the world and it becomes downright difficult.

I enjoyed this book but, found myself frustrated with Jose and Stella occasionally which made it a bit more of a challenging read for me and took me longer to read the full story.  Sometimes I just wanted to yell at them both and say, "come on, get your stuff together!"  It is the sign of a well written story that gets your emotions roiling and involved.  Overall the characters are well written and the supporting characters are strong.  I love the setting and the detail that goes into describing their dates or adventures, it makes you feel as if you are there seeing what they see.

Catherine Mann never fails to deliver with her stories, they make for a thrilling and enjoyable read.  I look forward to reading what's up next.

ARC given by publisher for honest review.

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