Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum)
Author: Rosalie Lario

Taeg a half demon fairly new to the earth realm.  Desperate to save Brynn, his sister in law out of guilt at his perceived wrong to his brother.  Maya a human, librarian with a rare ability to see Demons whom she considers to be the lowliest of creatures only capable of death and destruction.  They meet when Taeg discovers the little human is not all that meets the eye she holds the ability to see through their charms and it is an ability he desperately needs in his quest to save his sister in law.  Shame for him that Maya doesn't see eye to eye with him.  Can he convince her there is more to demons than the opinion she holds, will they be able to save Brynn before its too late.

I loved this story, Rosalie succeeded in grabbing my attention right from the very first pages and I couldn't put it down.  Taeg's sense of humor is delightful and you can't help but love his mischievous nature.  Maya is such a strong character who has been through so much for her young years but she has a backbone of steel, facing down demons twice her size without even flinching.  You can't help but be sympathetic to her and her mistrust of anything otherworldly.  

The characters were all well written and realistic and you were transported along with them on their adventures.  The chemistry between Taeg and Maya was hot but realistic in Maya's feelings of shame and her sense that she would be betraying her family to give in.  I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two, Maya's prickliness giving it a spark that made their encounters that much more delicious.

It is a definite worthwhile read.  Giving a whole new spin on Demons.  Well written and intriguing with a powerful love story.  I look forward to reading more by Rosalie Losario.

ARC given by Publisher for honest review

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Time of Lairds and Lasses

Highlander Most Wanted
Author: Maya Banks

It was the time of Lairds and Lasses where Lasses were still meant to be under the protection of their clans and treated with love and adoration.  Not so for Genevieve McInnes, kept captive by a Laird McHughe's cruel son, abused and used at whim.  Desperate for a way to be free.  The Montgomery's out for blood and retribution for the wrong doings of Laird Graeme Montgomery's wife Eveline.  Bowen Montgomery sent to be new Laird of the McHugh keep, is intrigued by Genevieve and bewildered at the same time.  The attraction flares between the two.  Can Genevieve learn to trust again, will their love survive.

A wonderful story that captured my attention right from the very first moment and kept it throughout.  I could not put the book down, needing to find out if love would win.  I loved Genevieve's spirit and show of strength even after all she had endured at the hands of a cruel man and even crueler clan.  It is just one of those feel good stories where the spirit triumphs despite the hand that is dealt.  I was drawn to Bowen's character and was so impressed with his patience and caring. It made the story so real to see his internal struggles to remain gentle and caring despite the passion he felt for Genevieve.

You feel for Genevieve and champion her despite the plot twists!  That she comes out the other side of the abuse with her honesty and values still intact yet still faces the emotions that go with having suffered any form of abuse are what make the story so realistic and believable.

Maya Banks books and stories never fail to enthrall me and whisk me away whether to the highlands of Scotland or a jungle of South America I will never get enough! A thoroughly awesome read!  Grab your copy today.

ARC given by Publisher for honest review.

Fighting Against the Inevitable....Love

Free Fall
Author: Catherine Mann

Publish Date: March 1 2013

Fighting against the inevitable love!

Catherine Mann has written another intriguing story with solid characters.

Stella Carson is an Interpol agent with a personal agenda for her current mission in Africa.  She rescues Pararescuman Jose James and the sparks fly between them they have a brief but hot affair.  Jose has a complicated family history.  Stella wants more but, they cannot compromise and their affair burns out.  When Stella's life is in jeopardy their is only one man who can save her; Jose.  Once again the love burns between them but will love be enough to hold their relationship together.   

They both have jobs to complete and need to remain focused on the job at hand.  Love is complicated at the best of times but throw in the fate of the world and it becomes downright difficult.

I enjoyed this book but, found myself frustrated with Jose and Stella occasionally which made it a bit more of a challenging read for me and took me longer to read the full story.  Sometimes I just wanted to yell at them both and say, "come on, get your stuff together!"  It is the sign of a well written story that gets your emotions roiling and involved.  Overall the characters are well written and the supporting characters are strong.  I love the setting and the detail that goes into describing their dates or adventures, it makes you feel as if you are there seeing what they see.

Catherine Mann never fails to deliver with her stories, they make for a thrilling and enjoyable read.  I look forward to reading what's up next.

ARC given by publisher for honest review.