Saturday, 5 October 2013

Love from The Sky

Fated Mates
Author: Marie Rose Dufour

Dragon a military man and hero to his people, fears the Goddess has forgotten him and he is destined to a life of service alone.  Liz is a human female who has survived an abusive marriage by finding the strength to leave but, is now afraid to embrace another chance at love.  The attraction of trying to find a Fated Mate.  Can Liz take another leap at love?  Can Dragon truly believe he deserves a mate of his own?

This is a feel good story with the added bonus of sizzling sex!  Liz is a strong character who you have to love her will to survive and her strength at leaving a relationship that was detrimental to her. I found myself wanting to encourage her to give in and take a chance as she struggled with herself to take another gamble on love.  Dragon is also a strong character but endearing in his doubt of his appeal for a mate.

I really enjoyed this read.  There are a few spelling errors but they do not detract from the story.  If you are looking for an easy short read with a HEA then this book is for you.

Book given by Publisher for Honest review

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