Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Intense and Thrilling Read

Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior's Challenge Series)
Author: Natasza Waters

Thane is a man committed to his job and the men he works with.  He works hard and plays even harder.  A love them and leave them type guy.  Kayla is a woman with a terrible past and work is her salvation.  Hurt too many times, the last thing she is looking for is a man.  When they meet the tension is palpable with the attraction to each other.  Can they each overcome the obstacles and find love together?

Wow! This story totally blew me away.  it was fast paced and full of tension and keeps you hooked watching as the events unfold.  There is always just the right hint of the background stories throughout that you have to keep reading to learn more.  I love Kayla's character and couldn't help but empathise with her and be proud of her for all she has overcome in her lifetime.  She is such a sweet and caring personality despite the ugliness she has faced in life.  Thane is such a strong personality and one of those people you just want to lean on.  He has values and honour and his own rigid code he lives by.  Put them both together and despite their differences the sparks fly. 

I cannot wait for the continuation of their story in the next book due out in November.  This was the first time I have read Natasza Waters and I am enthralled with her writing and want to read so much more.  This is a truly good read and I would definitely recommend getting a copy today!

Book given by Publisher for honest review

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