Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A little more Ink for Love

Shattered Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)
Author: Laura Wright

This is a continuation of Rush and Addison's story introduced to us in First Ink, the first book in the Wicked Ink Chronicles.  Although Rush and Addison have decided to give love a go they still have to face the fears of a new relationship, "does he/she really like me? Am I what he/she needs?"  All those butterflies that a couple faces when they are first embarking on a relationship.  Can Addison and Rush make it through and have a lasting love to last the distance?

I fell in love with the characters that are Rush and Addison right from the very first pages of their story in First Ink and that love was just reaffirmed in Shattered Ink.  The story is so realistic and mirrors what your average person goes through when traversing the road of new love and commitment.  It encompasses all the highs and lows of emotion.  Once again being written in the first person only enhances the story and allows a true connection to the characters; you feel like you are in their heads and living everything and all that emotion with them.

Then there is the tease throughout that is Vincent and Lisa.  I so want more of these two and want to know of these two and want to see how their story will unfold.  There were just enough hints throughout Shattered Ink about them to have me craving more.

Once again Laura has delivered a well written story with characters that are both real and sexy.  I can't wait to read more from these chronicles.  Definitely a great read and I recommend picking up a copy you won't regret it.

Book given by publisher for Honest Review.

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