Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Magic and Mystery Thrilling Read

Evil Reflections
Author:  Larion Wills

Sara is a woman with a traumatic past but, is trying to move forward with her life.  David is a man who is hard to read.  Sara has a connection with him in her dreams but, can't help but recoil from human touch when awake.  David is called away for a family emergency and whilst he is there he apparently has an accident.  Sara receives a telegram from David's brother Avery.  When they meet he is cold and hostile towards her.  She can't understand why but, is immediately drawn to Avery.  The man and the town are shrouded in mystery, intrigue and death.  Can love find a way.

Where to start...Larion Wills is a new author for me but, one I will most definitely be reading more of.  Evil Reflections was a thrilling read right from the very first page.  There is so much mystery and intrigue that I found the pages just flew by.  I enjoyed Sara's character immensely and the way her mind worked.  I was truly moved by her strength and courage.  Both David and Avery were much harder to judge and just when I thought I had them figured out, something else would happen.  This is what made the story such an interesting read; it keeps you guessing as to what the real plot was and who was innocent or guilty.  The chemistry between the characters was steamy. 

I could definitely read more. I was torn between wanting to get to the end so I would know what happened and dreading the ending because it would mean the story was over and I enjoyed it so much.  Evil Reflections is one I definitely would recommend reading.

Book given by publisher for honest review.

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