Thursday, 24 January 2013

In The Name of Vengeance

Shades of Gray: A KGI Novel
Author: Maya Banks

A close knit team used to running high risk missions together. A budding romance between two members. A mission that goes terribly wrong. The need for vengeance to the exclusion of all others. Can they get through this? Will the Team remain intact? Can love truly overcome all?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I applaud Maya Banks for tackling such a difficult and taboo subject matter. It is totally believable and plausible as something that would happen in a real life situation.

PJ's character is well written and so realistic in her emotions and thought processes that I felt my own emotions on a roller coaster ride with her. She is such a strong character but believable as her situation proves that even the toughest aren't infallible. I really empathized with Cole and his fight for love whilst dealing with his own emotions and guilt. The tell of a good story is when your own emotions are swept along with the tide of the story, and Shades of Gray does not disappoint. I found myself so entrenched in the story that I was actually getting angry at the Villain Brumley, who as villains go was quite well written.

Steele, Dolphin, Baker and Renshaw are steadfast in their support and they take their “We live as a team, we die as a team” seriously and it endears you to them to see their solidarity with their team mate.

I could not put the book down, I needed to see the outcome and find out if there could be a happily ever after.

In all the KGI novels, Steele's team and PJ and Cole in particular is a story I have been waiting for and it was most definitely worth the wait. I would recommend this and all the others in the KGI series as definite must reads.

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