Monday, 28 January 2013

When Destiny Comes Calling

Bayou Heat: Raphael/Parish
Authors:  Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

The Pantera are Puma Shifters, a mystical race shrouded in legend and living in the swamps of the Bayou.

Book 1 Rapaheal by Alendra Ivy
  Raphael a 'suit', looking after diplomatic relations for his people.  Ashe a woman with a difficult and unpleasant family life; the one left to look after a drunk mother, and made to forgo a childhood.  A chance encounter that leads to a night of bliss.  A bliss only remembered in dream like fragments by Ashe.  Raphael's cat wanting to claim it's mate and protect her from the unknown hunter that stalks her.  Can Raphael convince Ashe that they are destined to be together, can he protect her from the unknown danger?
I enjoyed this story, I love the fact that Raphael, known for his control is so shaken and out of control when he meets his mate. "Raphael battled through the primal instincts that had nothing to do with humanity and everything to do with raw animal desire."  His need to protect is so strong and makes you dream of having all that protection aimed at you.
  Ashe on the other hand is cautious, not overly trusting, which isn't a surprise considering her background.  However, it is that background that portrays such strength in her character.  I love her independence and skepticism that all is not as it seems.
  Then there are the Hunters, an unknown evil faction with a foul smell about them.  I would have liked to learn a bit more about them, but it draws you in so that you want to read more to find out who they are.  I was slightly disappointed when the story ended, I was left wanting to know more.  But, luckily the story continues and connects with the next installment.  It ensures I will need to carry on reading to get those answers I seek.

Book 2 Parish by Laura Wright
  Parish a hunter and protector of his people; fierce in that protection and known for his dislike of humans.  Julia a doctor, specializing in obstetrics, at the top of her field in practice but, disillusioned by love.  She is a necessity to the Pantera people but, a human, an outsider.  Can they each see past the events that have shaped them and warped their views, allowing them to discover the love that awaits as their destiny?
  Parish was a favorite for me, I love his untamed rawness that shines through.  Although he portrays a roughness on the outside, he is very caring and loyal to his people and to those he loves.  That caring and love is now directed at an unsuspecting Julia.
  Julia is sensible and pragmatic, completely disillusioned by the cad that is her ex and forced to leave a job she loves.  When she meets Parish the attraction is immediate if not unwanted.  "I like the way you look at me," he said, his voice a dark sexual rumble. "For once, I am the prey."
  I love the chemistry between the two, that ultimately balances both, and I love that Parish just thinks he command and everyone will follow, Julia included.  "I am a Hunter.  I do not ask.  When you ask, you give your prey the opportunity to say no."
  Whilst the story predominantly surrounds Parish and Julia, you also get a continuation of Raphael and Ashe and the danger that stalks them all.
  Overall I really enjoyed this complete book and recommend as a great read.  I am looking forward to the next installment, which of course I will read to get my answers.


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